Pulpit Ridge is located on a portion of the Niagara
Escarpment, a World Biosphere Reserve.  Pulpit Ridge
forms part of Caledon Mountain, a well known landmark in
the area.  The immediate area is identified as the Sligo
Slope.  To the southwest of the property lies a prominent
rock formation called the Devil's Pulpit.
The Legend of the Devil's Pulpit
The Devil's Pulpit - A high wall of solid rock forms the south bank of the Credit River in Caledon.
The wall is several hundred feet high and in one place a shaft of rock has split off from the
mainland. This separate piece is in the shape of a pulpit. In the April 14, 1932, issue of the
Toronto Telegram, the Legend of the Devil's Pulpit was told:

In far off days, there were two Indian tribes living in the valley, one on the south side and the
other on the north side. A third tribe lived just south of the Caledon Mountain. One brave of the
south tribe fell in love and was refused the hand of a maiden from another tribe south of the
mountain. He stole her away and took her to his tepee on the edge of the cliff. When her
tribesmen followed to give battle, the braves from the south of the mountain were driven back.
However, the maiden apparently did not relish her new home, pined away and died.
"The strife angered the Gods, the God of Lightning was sent to take revenge. This he did by
striking the cliff behind the Indian brave's tepee, splitting the rock and leaving it standing so far
out from the mainland that no one could reach that portion. The brave starved to death on top of
the rock. More punishment came on the two erring tribes. The blow killed all the game on the
land and the fish in the river. Starvation, accompanied by disease, wiped out both tribes leaving
nothing to show for their stay, except the huge rock which became known as ... The Devil's
Excerpted from the book Belfountain: Caves, Castles and Quarries by Berniece Trimble.
Pulpit Ridge
Pulpit Ridge, Caledon Mountain
South View
This view is south from Pulpit
Ridge towards Toronto Skyline

South View
Another shot looking south to
Brampton and Toronto.